How Local SEO Is Different

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One of the biggest reasons for the rise in local searches is the increase in smartphone and mobile device use. People with smartphones can use their device to access information anywhere. A 2013 study shows that 80% of people use their smartphones to find local information. And those users are likely to convert based on their search because two-thirds take direct action and one-third make a purchase.

Local SEO Strategy for Small Business

The increased conversion rate is one of the biggest reasons local SEO is so beneficial. People who perform local searches are typically further along in the buying process, so they’re more likely to make purchases. Someone who searches for a Ford F-150 in their area is probably considering buying a pickup truck.

Local SEO is also a great way to distinguish a local business from national brands. A small business is engaged with the community. This gives your business an advantage when comparing to national chains.

It’s important to keep local SEO in mind when you consider the content of your website. The information on your site will be taken into account when search engines crawl your site. Pages should include your location as well as information about what you provide. Your content is only part of it, because titles, footers, and tags (among other elements) should also include relevant information.

Businesses with multiple locations can sometimes have difficulty showing up properly on local searches. It’s important that you take control of your business’s listings through Google My Business, and that you make sure each location is consistently listed in the same format. To really move up the local search rankings, creating distinct pages on your will help. These pages will help the search engines distinguish between your locations and be helpful to those potential customers performing local searches.

Local SEO Service in Long Beach

BSG has ample experience providing businesses with local SEO. We know how to optimize your site and web presence with local search in mind, and we can provide your business with the content necessary to shine. Since mobile users are so crucial to any local SEO, we will make sure that your website is truly compatible with mobile devices. Contact BSG today to learn more.

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