Making Sales Directly On Social Media

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The move to selling directly on social media could be very beneficial for businesses. For one thing, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of the impact your social media marketing is making. You will be able to see which of your social media accounts generates the most sales. Refine your approach to social media marketing with more informed A/B testing.

Social Media for E-Commerce

Social media buy buttons will also have some across the board benefits for e-commerce businesses. They reduces the amount of time people need to spend to make a purchase. It is usually the time between people decision are made and when the transaction are completed. Making purchases more convenient will lead to more sales. It will reduce the frustration customers sometimes feel when going through an extended buying process.

The social media sites themselves will also stand to gain from the introduction of direct sales. Interestingly enough, up and coming social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have been quicker to adopt buy buttons. Pinterest has been an early adopter with its Buyable Pins. It has a great visual appeal that is great for fashion brands. It is a social platform used by lot of women in the U.S.

While new social media platforms may have taken the early lead in direct sales. Older social media sites are interested in adding direct sales. Facebook, Google, and Twitter have all been beta testing shopping options with certain businesses, and they’ll undoubtedly expand these options in the future. Facebook and Twitter have both partnered with Shopify to enable retailers that use the Shopify app and service to include buy buttons on their social media posts.

Social Media Management in Long Beach

Buy buttons and direct sales could offer great opportunities for businesses. In order to really benefit from buy buttons, though, you will need friends and followers who will see your posts. BSG can help you build social media accounts that will really make a positive impact. Your business will be assigned a personal Social Media Manager, who will work to not only communicate with your current followers but also to help them spread the word about your business and what you do best. Contact BSG today to learn more.

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