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Blue Sand Group means Hands-on Branding!

So, let’s just say you are now in charge of marketing for your firm…Congratulations! Now what?

The problem is that you are not really sure about marketing – you’re hired for a new in-house post and you have seniority. And you did a great job with the office Christmas party. That means you are the take-charge leader who can get it done!

Consequently, you jot down some rough concepts and you call your ideas and dreams over to a design firm chosen largely at random. Shock and surprise! There you are immediately shepherded into the stilted Social Media mill; a standardized, one-size-fits-all plan that looks just like every other similar site in your field.

However, you don’t have any better ideas. The one person you met with seems competent. After several email chains, phone calls, “visioning sessions” and awkward lunches with a kids young enough to be your grandchildren, you finally get to see your stuff, maybe a logo, maybe a website or campaign idea – and it’s a huge letdown. The functioning site…if you can call it that, is more of an internet billboard than an interactive site. And the writing is atrocious…something a 7th grader would compose. The photos are from cell phones. And the links are all broken. Rather than being embraced as a passionate, intelligent partner, you’re deemed an obstacle to their creative process. Worst of all, the work doesn’t represent you.

We recently have had a few disillusioned people talk to us. They found out their website builders are a bunch of kids working in a back bedroom of their parents home in East Long Beach. The initial facade looked good, but peeling it back revealed there was no substance to their expensive work.

Then they found Blue Sand Group. We’ve established a 13 year track record and have our headquarters in the vibrant heart of Long Beach at the crossroads of Ocean Boulevard and the foot of Long Beach Boulevard.

We start at the get-go: Branding.

Our project for you starts with developing your specific branding and positioning from the ground up. We set you apart from your competition, working alongside you to determine what truly sets your business apart. We develop, enhance and accelerate this ‘Essence’ into a tailored brand identity, strengthening your bond with the people who love what you do…and a future audience who haven’t even heard of you, yet. But they soon will.

Responsive Web Design

We never use templates. BSG makes certain your site looks unique and as great on a huge computer screen as it does on a smartphone. And yes, we insure that it functions on every kind of device. Whether you’re after a barebones microsite, an e-commerce store or a robust, fully-responsive app infused website, BSG has you covered.

BSG creates better designs by directly including our clients in the creative process. You, the client, should be involved in the big creative decisions. You should be approving the colors, typefaces and textures. You should be helping to shape the inspirational concepts shoulder-to-shoulder with us, the guys who make your stuff. No mystery, no account managers, no smoke and mirrors, no children pretending to be professionals from the back bedroom in East Long Beach suburbs.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and build your brand?

So are we!

Shoot us an email at BSG and let’s get started.

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