Optimizing On-Site SEO

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Sure, you might know the very basics of Search Engine Optimization. You will probably need to have an understanding of it as you try to get your website ranked for certain keywords.
However, did you know that you could be making some simple mistakes on your site without knowing it? And did you know that these mistakes could actually be hurting your SEO performance? You did not know this?

We’ve got five tips for you to get the most out of optimizing your SEO.

1. Outbound Links

This is a two-part no-no for on-site SEO optimization.

First, make sure your site is using links that go to other sites. This is an overlooked aspect of SEO. Yes, you do want links that go to different pages of your own site, but building a link structure that involves links from outside sources will increase your site’s authority.

This is where part two comes along. You don’t want just any old link thrown onto your site. Remember how we talked about site’s authority? Using a poor link will actually decrease the authority of you site.

2. Image ALT Tags

We’ve gone over Image Optimization before on this site, but we need to clear up some things.

Don’t just stuff keyword after keyword into your images alt tags. Be aware of what you’re writing in them. It could be the difference between actually ranking for a certain keyword or hurting your site’s ranks on search engines.

3. Site Maps

Make sure your website has an up-to-date sitemap on your website. A sitemap allows Google, and other search engines, to search and index your site quicker than it otherwise would. If it’s out of date, or if you don’t have one at all, it will take longer for you to get your site ranked.

4. Bolding

This one is going to seem a bit odd, we know. But if you’re bolding your keywords, there’s a good chance that your sites rank will actually decrease. There have been multiple studies run that prove this point.

So, be careful when highlighting certain words on your website. You don’t want to accidentally cause more harm than good.

5. Need Optimizing Help?

Is this all a little overwhelming? Don’t worry! Call the SEO expert’s at Blue Sand Group today to learn more. We can help optimize your site’s SEO!

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