Parallax Scrolling Can Really Set Your Website Apart

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Parallax scrolling is often combined with what’s called an infinite scroll. Infinite scrolling means that you keep most or even all of your website’s content on a single page in order to keep drawing people further down your webpage. These features work well together and can help create an immersive experience for your website. There are a few things to consider when you’re deciding whether parallax scrolling is the right look for your website.

Parallax scrolling can give your website a seamless quality. The text and images flow together nicely, telling the story of your business and giving people an impression of what it is that you do. If it’s designed properly, people will naturally want to continue down the page and see what’s next. They’ll spend more time on your site, and they’ll get a better idea of your business.

Parallax Scrolling

The next benefit ties in with the seamlessness that parallax scrolling provides. It also allows you to display all of your content on one page. Clicking on the elements on the top menu simply moves the screen to the appropriate section on the page. Users won’t have to bother with the back button or opening different tabs to find all the information they need from your website. You will want to consider whether this works to your advantage, because displaying all (or much) of your content on one page can cause the page to load more slowly.

Another major benefit of using parallax scrolling is that it can really highlight your products or services. Let’s say you sell shoes. Parallax scrolling can draw the user’s eyes to your stylish products, so that even as the text on the page changes, the image of your shoes will linger and stay with the user. Those shoes will still be on their mind when the time comes to make a purchase.

That brings us to the key element of your website design. Parallax scrolling can naturally lead your potential customers to the call to action. As they scroll down your site and learn more and more about your business, they will reach the point where you make your sales pitch. Whether you want them to call your place of business, visit your store, or make an online purchase, a parallax design will lead people to the relevant information to read or button to click.

BSG Web Design

BSG has plenty of experience implementing parallax scrolling into their web designs. Get in touch with BSG to today, and a personal representative will meet with you to discuss your business’s website and create sample pages that will show you how your site can really stand out. They can help you determine which web design features are right for your business and website.

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