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With all the high tech gee-wizardry out there and social media spectrum, it all comes back to basics. Publicity, Propaganda, Public Relations — there is a standard strategy as old as Ogilvy.

Here at our little enclave, we and the personnel and the formula to achieve amazing success in creating and packaging our intrepid leader, Mr. Brian with some powerful personal branding and image reconstruction. Ramping him up to a very visible celebrity-level pitch with shoestring publicity, and then selling that icon we’ve crafted for high issue public consumption should be the forte of this tech team. Americans elevate well packaged and publicized brands to high value. That is our goal…or at least mine as the Editor in Chief of this tribe.

We are taking one year to complete our task that was launched at the start of this month. You say with the right effort, it takes a year to get famous. What’s so special about that timeframe?

It is impossible to achieve remarkable professional success overnight. We use the one-year time frame to let people know that with focused work on their professional packaging and visibility, they will see some excellent results in about a year. And remember, all of us involved in this venture are way out of our comfort zone; reaching to become newly minted minor experts in areas not part of our skill set. So each and every one of us are moving towards similar goals.

Our focus with Brian is not on developing 15 minutes of fame, but rather a valuable 10-year brand. No, none of us may be here in a decade, or even at the completion of the one year plan. However, what we accomplish along the way is invaluable to all of us, and even you as the reader. As an example of my own task ahead, I know that being very visible in the media is one tool to enhance the value of a personal brand but I can’t get Brian on Ellen or Good Morning America overnight. Editors and producers for national media typically want to see some level of local and regional press coverage before they pick up. I must prove Brian to be a good guest, expert, or interview subject before the nationals will take an interest. Through my past experience I found that anyone can build a solid base of local and regional press over the course of a year. I can build them up and make them eligible for the big media opportunities.

How will that be accomplished? Like the previous posts on pencils and St. Bernard dogs, the secret is how things are presented and then perceived.

Check back for more!

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