American Bars is the largest crowdsourcing website in the world dedicated to bars & pubs in the US. It has close to 100k bars listed, 65k beers, over 1000 cocktails with videos, a free bar trivia game, and it's a social network. If you were looking for anything bar related, you came to the right place. Not only is it the largest directory for bars, it allows you to interact with them as well. And, on those nights that you may have had one too many, just look on American Bars under our taxi directory for a taxi service near you.


We have worked endlessly on the responsive design and backend tools to provide a user-friendly site that allows bar owners and other admin users to easily promote and market their establishment. We also wanted to make sure to stay consistent in our theme of user-friendliness and create a great experience for anyone who stops by the American Bars website. Whether you are browsing for a new bar, or looking to play some trivia with friends, American Bars is your one stop shop for all things bar and alcohol!

  • Skills : HTML5, JS, CSS3, PHP
  • Client : American Bars
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