A Properly Designed Landing Page Will Keep Customers Interested

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Landing pages aren’t a new thing, but they have become increasingly important. As new web platforms like social media sites have emerged, a great deal of the content you produce is no longer on your website.

Landing Pages

At the same time, it is still vitally important to get potential customers to your site to learn about what you have to offer and to make purchases. Businesses have responded to these developments by using landing pages, particularly ones that highlight the types of content they use in their advertising.

A landing page can help you display your content. Content is an increasingly important part of any online marketing strategy, and a good landing page can help you direct people to the content they’re interested in. If you’re taking plenty of fascinating photographs or running a blog full of useful tips, make sure that people see it right away.

Videos are a great piece of content to showcase on a landing page. Usually, you’ll host that video on a site like YouTube and embed it into your webpage. A professional video can highlight your business and what you’re all about, and videos can both hold viewers’ attention and generate interest in your business. Do be sure that your video is not too long, because you don’t want to lose their attention before they get a chance to really interact with your website.

If your business makes sales online, you will want to have landing pages that take people right to the products and services you offer. This is especially important for traffic coming from pay-per-click ads. You will want to make sure that those customers are able to see the relevant product right away, and that they have the opportunity to purchase it as easily as possible.

Collecting Information

You can also use a landing page to collect information about potential customers. This kind of landing page will contain a form for them to input information such as their name, e-mail address, and possibly even other information like their address. Now, you do want to be cautious when taking this approach. People are sometimes hesitant to give out their information, so make sure that what you’re asking them to sign up for is worth their time and information. People are generally willing to sign up for promotions like contests, free trials, coupons, and newsletters.

While there are several types of landing pages, the good ones all have a few things in common. They are elegant and to the point, so that they keep users focused on what they came for. The content (whether it’s video, images, or text) engages the viewer and keeps their attention. And the webpage is designed to direct the viewer to take the next step, whether that’s making a purchase, learning more about what your business has to offer, or signing up for a promotion you’re running. BSG can design your website to be elegant and engaging, a website that will really help your business convert people’s interest into sales.

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