Reaching Some Of The Most Sought After Demographics Through LinkedIn

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One big reason you ought to consider using LinkedIn is that it keeps growing, so much so that 28% of all Internet users in the United States are now part of the site. In fact, LinkedIn is now used by more adults in the U.S. than Twitter. The platform also boasts some particularly desirable demographics, as it is disproportionately used by those with higher incomes and by college graduates. These groups are appealing to any business. If your business depends on customers with higher incomes, marketing on LinkedIn is a great way to expand your reach.

In fact, people trust information that comes from LinkedIn pages more than information from other social media sites. Trust is a crucial factor in advertising in general. So LinkedIn’s inherent trustworthiness can be a boon to your efforts. The combination of desirable demographics and the trust factor make LinkedIn a great fit for automobile, travel, and luxury businesses.

While the audience LinkedIn attracts is one particularly compelling reason to use it, the fact that the site is focused on business also helps make it a natural platform to advertise on. This is part of why the site is so great for B2B companies.

LinkedIn Natural Environment

LinkedIn is a perfectly natural environment for you to discuss what you and your business do and have to offer. It also makes getting others on LinkedIn to publicly recommend your products and services an organic process.

LinkedIn also makes it easy to share content you’ve created as part of your online marketing. You have the option to syndicate blog posts that appear on your website to your LinkedIn profile. Not only does it help encourage interaction with your connections on site, it also helps fulfill LinkedIn’s goal of encouraging the sharing of business knowledge.

With social media platforms growing, keeping up with the changes and running the accounts can seem like a second job. BSG can not only handle your social media accounts, we can help you build an identity on your accounts and cultivate relationships with your customers, both the ones you already have and potential new ones. We’ll assign a social media manager to your business who will regularly update your accounts and interact with those customers. Contact BSG today to learn more about all the services we have to offer.

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