The Advantage of High Value Content

Are you a sports fan? You might have noticed the latest summaries of your favorite team, sport, or even the last big game of any kind appeared rather dull, boring and dispassionate. That’s be-cause most wide distribution sports articles for virtually every major league team in every pro-fessional sport are now generated by artificial intelligence applications and sent out. Yes, a ma-chine writes the writeup that most people read, based on statistics, a few noted plays, and a rec-orded comment or two.

The Average Website Has 3 Seconds to Make an Impact

You have probably heard that “Content is King.” Well, that is not entirely true. Content is simp-ly words on a page or screen that can be as poorly written as if machine assembled the com-ments. Many times they are worse. In terms of business survival, most business sites have approximately 3 seconds to capture the attention and imagination of the reader, or they are clicked away, never to return. Content must not only captivate immediately, it must then contin-ue to engage, entertain and educate — drawing the viewer into the site towards the product or services awaiting. Looking at your own site with independent eyes, do the words allure and in-vite? Can you make a lasting impression in a mere 3 seconds, using only words? Yes, it can be done, but those words must be laser-focused on the viewer and their interests. That is the core of High Value Content. There are innumerable places on the web that encourage you to write up your own pages, using their fly-by-night training courses. Additionally, there are dozens of companies that claim to of-fer content. Most are mere clearing houses for low grade writers who will crank out materials for a pittance, presenting very low bids to handle your “one time” need. They have a quick turn around, which means they do not know you, your business, the industry, the region you serve, the client base you cover, or how to communicate effectively. You end up with lots of content, but it hardly rules the web or provides a royal read. In truth, quality content is what sets your website apart from the masses. There is a richness in the text; every word and phrase satisfies your reading pleasure. You know directly that this truly stands as excellent material. It enthuses and invigorates you. Instinctively, you want to see more. Superior writing delivers the right message, in the most convincing manner, directly into the hearts and minds of your customers. It not only actively engages and educates, but touches an emotional edge, motivating the viewer to stay a little longer, delve a little deeper, and commit to a sign up or a sale.

The Essence of High Value Content

Much more than fancy graphics or photos, the success of your website is determined primarily by its quality craftsmanship contained and conveyed in these little marks on the screen or printed page. Ultimately, content wins the attention, loyalty and wallets of your customers. All other components of your website (design, visuals, videos, etc.) provide only a secondary support role. If you have effective, superior words to convey your service, product or message, a great design will only enhance their effectiveness. Design itself does not sell…High Value Content completes the work. A strong, rich verbiage glides the reader along; the words summon, set and seal the sale. That is the prize of having High Value Content. What exactly is High Value Content? The message your website conveys should always begin with a truly excellent wordsmith, properly informed about you, your individual business, the marketplace surrounding your business, the industry in general, and the current method you and your competitors utilize. At BSG, the wordsmith is dedicated to you, not some rotating staffer randomly pegged to handle your account. Once that initial information is grounded with proper market research, we help you determine your priority value clients. Then, you define personas for your website, based on drawing in and satisfying priority client needs and interests. After we assist you in determining how best to target them, professional taglines and carefully crafted slogans are developed, exactingly selected to be customer-centric (i.e., focuses on the needs and wants of the customer), This is essential to capturing the attention of your prospective customers. Your taglines must deliver a clear value proposition and include an effective call to action. Onto this essential framework, our writer handcrafts a superb narrative. Thus, the key to a successful website presents clear, relevant and keyword-rich quality content that quickly delivers the right message with power and conviction. The content on your website should target your audience, engage them and persuade them to take action. Go ahead, compare BSG’s High Value Content to the random, lowest bidder, college students offered by clearing house sites. BSG offers advantages for your investment versus saving a little cash for a poor substitute. Learn more about the excellent High Value Content only available through BSG.

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