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Snapchat has been the greatest tool for celebrities. They get to share their lifestyle with their fans in the most authentic way. Unfortunately, it’s been a downer for businesses. Although Taco Bell has done a great job on integrating Snapchat into their digital marketing plan, other businesses had trouble.

Social Media Marketing
Add snapchat into your digital marketing plan.

Having to pay for your own filter, what? Not many of us can afford that. And if we can’t afford filters, we probably don’t have the budget for advertising Snap spots. Another problem was: how to get your snapchat viewers to get from point A (snapchat) to point B (your business).

Snapchat on the Rise

It came to the point that Snapchat was considered a bad marketing tool for businesses. Snapchat made it difficult to track who’s snapping, talking, or sharing about your business. It’s hard to gain new followers, and worst of all, it had no way to drive your Snap followers onto your website. With Instagram’s recent improvement (allowing verified accounts to share a link on their story), snapchat had to respond right away. The silly ghost has done it, and we strongly agree it’ll benefit all businesses. Snapchat now allows ANYONE (sorry Instagram) to add a web link onto their next story post with it’s new Paperclip feature. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Take or record a snap
  2. Before posting, tap on the paperclip icon in the Snapchat’s tool kit.
  3. Type or Paste your websites link, & Post     

How to incorporate snapchat into your digital marketing strategy?

With unlimited ways to incorporate snapchat into your marketing strategy, really consider what celebrities do best. Be authentic when you’re communicating your business product, service, ideas, and goals. It’s 2017, people’s attention span is short and they hate to be sold. With creativity and understanding your business goals, figure out a unique way to deliver your message without being spammy. It’s not an easy task, but it’s definitely a good way to create a buzz about your business. Also, it’s a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Understand that social media success is about consistency.
    Have an infrastructure for all social media platforms and stay active. Very active, but don’t be spammy.
  2. Think about how your customers benefit from viewing your story?
    Social media is not just about posting. It’s about creating engaging content for the community who’s truly interested in your business. It’s not always good to spam your social media with your product or service. Think outside the box. Offer some humor, or even information relevant to your viewers. Don’t be afraid to share something that doesn’t have to do with your business. Just as long as it’s relevant.
  3. What’s unique about your business that makes you different from the competition?
    Business owners only think of their products and services. Look further than what you offer and discover what’s unique about your business. Is it your company’s background? Your location?  Or is it your business culture?    

Benefits to using Snapchat for your business:

  • Drive traffic onto your website

    • You’ve always been able to show off your fancy products, newest business upgrades, or your splendid service. But it was hard to encourage viewers to look further more. With Snapchat’s newest update, adding your link will benefit your business website traffic.
    • Here are a few examples:
      • If you’re showing off your Friday’s lunch special, post a link that highlights your weekly’s special. Or a link that takes them straight to the “Order Now,” web page.
      • If you offer a service, add a link that’ll direct them to “More Information,” or to the “Make an Appointment” webpage.
  • Engage with consumers

    • You did it! You added your link and they’ve visited your website. Although they saw your website, they are still left with a few questions. Snapchat allows your followers to contact you right away, giving you the opportunity to engage with them live. Not only are you helping them out, you’re opening doors for a long term relationship with your customer.
  • Websites reputation

    • With snapchat allowing you to add a link, you’ll find more people visiting your website. Your web page will benefit a lot from all the social referrals, allowing it to rank high organically on the search engine results page.  

Social media management at BSG.

Keep in mind that snapchat is just one vehicle to deliver your message. It’s a tool to strengthen your overall digital marketing plan. It is very important to have an integrated digital marketing plan (multiple vehicles) to highlight your business objectives and have a good ROI. A well structured digital marketing plan allows you to reach people from all over the city, nation, or even around the world. If your digital marketing plan isn’t well structured, it can definitely hurt your website and your business reputation.

Don’t miss your opportunities in growing your business. Here at Blue Sand Group, our social media managers are expert in creating unique digital marketing plans to help your business excel. Contact us today to review your social media and digital marketing plan. Remember, digital trends constantly change. So what worked a few months ago, might not be working today. Allow the experts to stay on top of it for you.

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