How Social Media Can Help Local Businesses

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Once you’ve decided to get started on social media, there are a few factors to consider. Creating an account for your business is straightforward enough, but how should you go about attracting friends and followers? It’s important that you spread the word offline. So placing signs with the relevant details in your brick and mortar location is a good first step. If you already send e-mails to customers, let those who have signed up for those know as well. And be sure to let your friends, family, and most loyal customers know about your account, because they can be your best ambassadors.

To attract more people to your account, you need to give them a good reason to pay attention. Offering an incentive, like a one-time coupon exclusively for social media followers, is an effective way to get people to interact with your business online. Contests are another option. Encourage people to post pictures or share stories related to a theme, and you are more likely to engage with them. You’ll begin to see people interacting with each other and you as they get more invested in the contest.

Visual Content Creators

Providing quality visual content for your accounts is very important. First of all, you definitely want to put your business’s best foot forward when people look at your page. People are also more likely to like, share, and comment on posts and messages with pictures or video. So visuals are key to getting the most out of your social media presence.

Many companies are worried that the typical social media account isn’t the right fit for their industry. It is very important that you select the social sites that fit both your industry and your customers or clients. There are sites and approaches to social media that’ll fit your industry and help you reach out to your customers.

For example, LinkedIn is particularly useful for B2B companies. Even if you already have an individual page, you should create a company page for your employees and clients to interact with. In addition, you can use the company page to post relevant written and visual content. Participating in LinkedIn and interacting with your clients is a great way to showcase your company’s strengths for potential business. It can also help you find clients in your area.

If your business helps raise awareness or money for charities and nonprofit organizations, spreading the word about it on social media is a terrific idea. For one thing, doing so is another way to raise awareness about a cause you clearly care about. It’ll emphasize your business’s presence and role in your community, and that you know how important it is to improve the lives of your neighbors.

Social Media Experts in Los Angeles

Running social media accounts for your business can be a daunting prospect. BSG has ample experience creating and building accounts on all of the big social networks, and we will assign a personal Social Media Manager to you. Contact BSG to learn more.

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