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THIS IS WHY (a futurist rant)

Take a quick look at the picture. That was the city of the future, created by Walt Disney for the 1964 World’s Fair. After all this time, it still looks sleek and dynamic. However, like the internet, the true future is found in things that cannot be seen or even described.

Just one fact to get us going today: 80% of the children in elementary school today will be working as adults in jobs and in industries that do not yet exist.

This is why you should be reading BSG blogs and why you need Blue Sand Group to assist you.

Amazing! A declarative sentence that includes ‘why’ twice, yet is not a question. That is what the digital future is largely composed of — answers that contain more imperatives to solve. The future is a constant search and a hive of change. Once you slow down and it moves beyond you, the future and even the present leave you in the digital dust of a rapidly receding past.

Blue Sand Group is here to help insure you do not end up in a world of rotary dial phones, 8 track tape players, Atari pong games, and American Motors “Pacer” sedans.

Digital transformation is a strategic priority for businesses large and small, but it is also a formidable challenge. Given the importance of this topic, Blue Sand Group will regularly feature thought-provoking blogs to prod you to keep moving forward into the future. BSG’s target audience consists of business owners looking to develop these new capabilities.

You may have been reading some of our work. We are not technical, but informational. Technology, PR and marketing cannot serve you if you do not understand them in a basic sense. We are continually making the case for reinvention and arguing that businesses must re-conceive themselves for a digital world. BSG blogs examine how technology is changing competition, your competition, and the specific difficulties that companies face on the road to reinvention: making the business case, competing in a platform-based world, and rising to lead that transformation.

As part of our ongoing blogs for 2016 and beyond, look for BSG to focus on a wide range of topics including the next phase of reinvention, how to spot big trends, understanding how technology is transforming various industries, developing new ideas for growth, and ways invest in the future with leading edge technology and marketing platforms.

Do you know that the newest business term is? Disruption. And no, it is a far different definition than the one found in old Webster’s Dictionary sitting on you shelf. This disruption will relate to you, and in a positive manner. Yes, even the verbiage is changing swiftly. The language of business is different now and to function in business, you need to known the vocabulary. By the way, Disruption is Closer Than You Think. Industries are being disrupted, often by other companies from outside industries. What do you need to watch out for in your own industry? How do you leverage digital technologies to succeed? This is why you want to keep up with the BSG blog!

Businesses are reinventing themselves continuously with new strategies, radical business models and diverse competencies.

And here is possibly the Biggest item to understand as we all roar forward into the future: The Business Impact of the Internet of Things (IOT). The internet is intangible. However, we live in a world where more and more data becomes available through all manner of physical sensors, smart phones, and other devices. People are tied to moveable physical devices of all sorts, but not tethered to a desk computer or even a laptop. Do you know how to leverage this radical new data to build new business models for the physical world? The answers will be uncovered, bit by bit, on the BSG blogs.

Transformation begins at the Top, with You! As a business leader, large or small, you need a new set of leadership skills to successfully spearhead digital initiatives and strategies to grow your firm. How much digital savvy do you need? How do you manage risk? Perspectives will be found here on the BSG blog on a regular basis.

Ideating, Incubating and Integrating Digital Innovation, even on a small scale, provides the answers to sustainable growth and stability in these turbulent times. Who owns the digital strategy you need? How should businesses envision their digital future? Who is responsible for generating ideas and implementing them? The midst of reinvention is populated with futurists, those wacky people who brainstorm the possibilities just slightly beyond the realm of practicum. And one of those might be the person in the next cubicle who is current performing some minor job right now, unaware of their massive potential to grow your firm. And you are unaware, too. How do you uncover that talent? One’s reach show extend beyond their grasp…strive to touch more innovation. Did we mention that this is the core of our mission at BSG?

BSG helps companies manage in a World of Constant Change. To reiterate a concept hinted at previously in this piece: continuous technology advancement offers the potential for ongoing disruption. Companies must build new marketing systems — culture, recruitment, rewards — that acknowledge this new reality and encourage innovation and risk-takers. That could be the person in that cubicle. Or it is one of the staff here at BSG.

Companies everywhere are on the verge of scientific and business breakthroughs as superfast computing and high-speed networks converge. Opportunities will become available for businesses.

Now comes the simple question — Are you ready for it?

If not, you can learn more here, at the BSG blog.

Want help keeping up, or actually getting ahead of the curve?

Contact Blue Sand Group today.

…to your success…

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