I am going to go over Google Analytics and what it is used for. So what is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is going to be your front end portion of your analytical data. It has a lot of different sections in there that will be useful for your website to determine if it is user friendly and if people are interacting on your website. For example, it is going to show your bounce rate which means that the user did not go to any other pages and just went off. There is going to be page views which shows how many pages on average that people are looking at. There is going to be time on site, which is going to be how long someone was on your website.

All of these different factors are going to be important in terms of how you design your website and how valueable your website actually is. This is going to be all of your analytical data on the front end, so you are going to want to take into consideration all of your analytical data that you have and apply those strategies to your website to help bring up the numbers.

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